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Our digital marketing specialists can help you to achieve your full potential by increasing website leads and sales. We can demonstrate value to your business by helping you to achieve your goals and boosting your revenue.

Improve Awareness

We can target potential customers who are in the early stages of the purchasing funnel to ensure that you a consideration when it comes to purchasing.

Increase Conversions

We can target more engaged users who are ready to buy to ensure that you are visible at the pivotal stage just before your potential customers start their purchase.

Optimise Performance

It is important not only to drive people to your website but for those people to convert. We can analyse performance, identify drop-offs and test ways to increase conversion rates

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We have expertise across a range of digital marketing fields and we are able to advise on the right services to help you reach your goals

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising allows you to appear on search engines for specific relevant terms or phrase; from only 12% management fee!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO helps you to drive more traffic to your website by improving how search engines perceive website.

Gmail Advertising

Gmail ads target users whilst engaged in decision making based on their email subscriptions.

Media Buying

Media buying allows you to reach customers earlier in the buying cycle or gain exposure to previous visitors.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube advertising allows you to gain exposure to users through targeted rich media and can serve multiple purposes.

Content Marketing & Outreach

Content marketing and outreach allows you to extend your online presence further than your own website.


Re-targeting gives you a second chance to reach and convert a potential prospect.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising allow you to target users based on their demographic and interests.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation measures the impact of small web changes that can produce big results.

Tag Management

Tag management allows for effective and flexible tracking implementation and management.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics provides measurable insight into what actions occur on your website and why.

Online Surveys

Online surveys allow you to ask your users exactly what they think about your brand and your website.

PPC, SEO and Analytics Audits

Audits are a great way for you to see what we're capable of and for us to understand you a little better. Our audits allow us to identify both quick wins and longer term strategic changes that can be made to help you get more from your digital marketing activities and to help define longer term strategies.


PPC Audit

Our PPC audit will look at your PPC account health and performance; looking at how the account is organised, quality scores, adcopy, and relevancy of both keywords & targeting. Based on our findings, we will be able to identify ways you could save money and boost performance.

SEO Audit

Our SEO audit will look at the way that your website has been technically constructed, the keywords that are being used, how optimised the content is as well as your offsite profile. Our findings will identify ways to improve your site's crawlability and indexability to boost traffic and conversions.

Analytics Audit

Our analytics audit will look at the three key pillars of data analysis; how and what data is being captured, how accurate that data is and what that data means. We will not just look to give you a data dump that you could pull from analytics yourself, but instead provide valuable insights and a narrative behind that data.

About Custom Clicks

We are a UK digital marketing agency who take pride in their work

We like working with clients of every size, especially those local to Bournemouth and Dorset. We believe being local to our clients allows us to maintain better relations and ensure that there is regular dialogue.

We are experts in our field and work with a variety of accounts on a day to day basis. This allows us to effectively manage our accounts and helps ensure we are thought leaders in our field. We often conduct innovative trials to progress the way that we manage accounts and to produce better results for our clients. We look to drive not just traffic but efficiency by optimising for conversions and focusing on the cost per acquisition (CPA) to improve the effectiveness of the money that you invest.

In recent years there has been a lack of transparency in the SEM industry and this is why we look to provide clear and accurate reporting on a regular basis to ensure that the business decisions you make are the correct ones.

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